Why Coffeco


Coffe-eco redesigns the end-life of your espresso.

Our mission is to give a second life to the most beloved beverage, espresso. Globally, six million tons of coffee waste remain untapped every year because they manage this waste as standard waste. Coffe-eco has designed and developed a holistic approach to reuse 100% of espresso waste (zero-waste approach) and produce various high value-added products. Moreover, we follow a reverse logistic supply process and innovative low-energy manufacturing technologies.

Most importantly, our track record of partnerships proves that this market exists and is growing. Sustainability is a long-term investment but can return almost forever.


Natural raw material for cosmetics and food supplements

We target natural cosmetics and food supplement producers to increase their sustainable impact and meet Gen-Z preferences. We manage to produce two main products full of sun-care and antiaging ingredients through our innovative production process. Our products came ready to use for our clients, with detailed certifications and suitable form for their products.

Why Coffeco
Alexis Pantziaros

Alexis Pantziaros

R&D Lead

Marios Vlachogiannis

Marios Vlachogiannis

Production Lead

Konstantinos Gardikis

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